"The Wizard of Oz" is not just a children's classic fairy tale. It is one of the greatest stories of personal transformation ever written. Within the storyline and dialogue of the 1939 film and the 1900 book written by L. Frank Baum, are 9 Extraordinary insights that will enrich and uplift your mind, body, and spirit. Join Dr. John as he takes you on a marvelous journey down the Yellow Brick Road.


Eight Steps to Creating Intimacy & Finding the Love You Want-A Workshop for Individuals and Couples

The most crucial of all human experiences is to be nurtured by the love of others and in turn to nurture others with the love deep within us. But many of us are held back from forming and sustaining truly loving relationships by fear, beliefs, perceptions, baggage, unresolved past issues and trauma, and being unwilling to see and face the truth.  

Whether you are single, married, in a primary relationship or just want to learn more about love and being loved, this class is for you! 

Topics include: Opening to Love, Creating Safety and Trust, Self-Love, Our First Teachers of Love, Checking Your Baggage, 4 Main Reasons Relationships Fail, Healing Wounds, 7 Pathways to Love, Imagery and Reframing Techniques, The Chemistry of Love, 8 Steps to Creating Intimacy, Finding the Love You Want, 20 Questions About Love You Need to Answer, the Serenity Prayer

John Tamiazzo, Ph.D, taught this love class for Santa Barbara City College Adult Education for over 7 years to an estimated enrollment of 5,000 students. He is the author of "Love & Be Loved: 8 Steps to Creating Intimacy & Finding the Love You Want."


Seven Sacred Pathways to Health and Wellness

John began his professional training program in Los Olivos, CA in 1991. His program was approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the California Board of Registered Nurses. At this initial program, John had 16 attendees and guided them through a 3 day workshop in the healing power of imagery, imagination, and self-hypnosis. Following this first workshop, John brought his training program to hundreds of professionals throughout California and Canada. 

In 2007, John was invited to teach Medical Hypnosis to Psychology Graduate Students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He was also invited to offer a training program to Psychologists and Physicians in Oslo, Norway. Both training programs were very successful, and John was invited back in 2009, and 2011. 

Sacred ancient traditions teach us that there are 7 pathways to higher consciousness. Becoming continually aware of the power and vivaciousness of these pathways requires that you do some soul searching, because these energy centers have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual expressions. These 7 pathways are sacred and as you bring light and consciousness to each of them, you open doors to higher living, and a substantially more creative, healthy, loving, and fulfilling life.

Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, “In its conscious upward passage through the seven opened or awakened centers, the soul travels the highway to the infinite, the true path in which the soul must retrace its course to reunite with God. All seven centers are often referred to as lotuses, whose petals open, or turn upward, in spiritual awakening.”