Endorsements & Acknowledgments of Dr. John Tamiazzo


 "As an instructor, Dr. Tamiazzo masterfully creates an environment that touches the potential within each individual. What a gift! Danae Weimer, PhD Pacifica Graduate Institute, Montecito, CA

"John Tamiazzo is a gifted teacher. No one should miss the opportunity to study with John” Tara Stork MFT, Secretary Board of Directors San Luis Obispo County, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

"Tamiazzo is a master of how to integrate hypnosis into psychotherapy in an active and concrete way!" Dr. Gunnar Rosen, President, The Norwegian Association for Clinical Evidence Based Hypnosis 

”John Tamiazzo’s 2-day workshop for Psychology interns in Trondheim Norway, and for Physicians and Psychologists in Oslo were very inspiring. His profound knowledge of both theory and application makes him an excellent teacher.” Ingunn Hagen, PhD, Psychology Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology

"John underscores the importance of imagination while demonstrating to us his own creative, inquisitive, and imaginative nature throughout his workshop. What an inspiring presenter!" Debbie McHann, MFT, President of Board of Directors, Santa Barbara Chapter of the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

“Dr.Tamiazzo’s class through SB City College helped me tremendously with my depression, grief, pain, and physical illnesses. I believe everyone will benefit from his amazing work.” Virginia Martin, Santa Barbara, CA 

“Drawing fresh insight from the children’s classic, Author John Tamiazzo’s book, Returning to the Land of Oz, takes readers on a transformative journey down the Yellow Brick Road. Sarah Linn, book reviewer The Tribune, San Luis Obispo, CA 

"Our company, Brain Injury Support Group of Ventura County, thrived under the leadership of John. He always helped us find creative solutions to very complex problems and situations. He is a very talented man." Bill Yarnall, former West Coast CEO of the Scott Paper Company and Georgia Pacific, and Board President of the Ventura Brain Injury Support Group.  

"John Tamiazzo's message in his book, Returning to the Land of Oz, will inspire you and help you go the distance, to take that next turn, cross that next ridge; to find your special Oz at the end of your yellow brick road."   Brad Williams, CEO MVP RV Riverside, CA 

"John's teaching style is calm and conducive to rapid learning. My take-aways from his course are still in the forefront of my mind and I use them often. He removed the hype and revealed the power of the mind and imagination." Dr. Polly Graves, Victoria, Canada  


“Excellent and stimulating presentation on Positive Aging." Susan Hunter, Nutritionist Area Agency on Aging, Flagstaff Arizona 

“Outstanding workshop on the healing power of the mind!”  Casper Glenn, MD,  Los Angeles, CA 

“Dr.Tamiazzo delivers with wit, charm, intuition, and knowledge. His workshop is a must!” Rosemary Fromson, MA, Addictions Counselor and President of the Canadian Association of Counselors

“Thank you for teaching me the therapeutic combination of art and science, as it can benefit anyone who chooses to therapeutically use the power of their mind and the wisdom of the imagination to address fear and heal. You are an outstanding instructor and counselor.” Cheryl Guthrie, RN, Santa Barbara, CA

"John is by far one of the most gifted instructors and counselors that I know. I've taken four Creative Applications of Imagery & Self-Hypnosis workshops from him in Victoria, Nelson, and Vancouver, BC, have had numerous counseling sessions with John, and have recommended him to countless people.” Irene Mock, CHT, Nelson, Canada

"Dr. John’s workshop, 9 Extraordinary Insights from the Yellow Brick Road, based upon his book, Returning to the Land of Oz, is entertaining, uplifting, and enlightening. Don’t miss it!" Valerie Malhotra Bentz, PhD, Professor, School of Human and Organization Development Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA

"If you are interested in Dr. Milton Erickson's phenomenal work in Medical Hypnosis, take Dr. John Tamiazzo's course. He is an outstanding instructor!" John Dowling, MFT Ventura, CA.


"John's presentation for California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists was illustrious and I appreciated his invaluable insights and methodology on how to support individuals to improve the quality of their lives." Kathleen Killian, PhD Depth Psychology Pacifica Graduate Institute


 “The work we did over two days was some of the most powerful and effective work/healing I have experienced. I am still processing everything. I appreciate your dedication to serve others and for being so present.” Sandy Chapman, Sedona, Az

“Your Love & Be Loved workshop opened a part of me that was closed for a very long time.” M.L. Page, Sedona, Arizona

 "Johns Love and Intimacy Workshop was an unexpected Journey of Self-Discovery!  The Imagery Session with John revealed deep Fears I have been holding for so long...blocks to my Fear of Success, not believing in My Self Worth!  Such an Empowering session that still bares Fruit!"  Carol M. Sedona, AZ

"Without a doubt, one of the best workshops I have attended in many years!" Sam Conkin, BC Canada 

“Dr. Tamiazzo’s Imagery & Self-Hypnosis Workshop will enlighten you about the personal power of the unconscious mind in the process of healing.”  Emily Taliaferro, RN Arroyo Grande California 

“The depth and breadth of his knowledge and experiences is most impressive. A great presentation!” Judith Brown, PhD, Author, International Educator, and Family Therapist, Santa Barbara, CA