Solution Focused Counseling by Phone and with Zoom

Counseling & Coaching for Individuals and Couples in the comfort of your own home


The keys to the success of my work are: empowering you with a practical and success oriented foundation that supports you in achieving the goals that are important to you; discovering vast inner and outer resources; gaining hope, self-confidence, and courage; learning to be attentive to the situations and thoughts that trigger your upsets; guiding you in utilizing interventions,  practices, and nutritional information that significantly reduce your stress, help you relax, gain composure, and improve your health; cultivating compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others; and experiencing greater awareness, faith, integrity, self-love, and inner peace.

The modalities I use include: Transpersonal Psychology, referred to as ‘Spiritual Psychology’, that brings balance to your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Cognitive Psychology to assist you in identifying the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck. Solution Focused Counseling and Coaching  that support you in identifying behavior that you want to change, creating successful solutions, prioritizing your lifestyle, and achieving your goals. Imagery & Self-Hypnosis to improve your health, let go of fear, anxiety, and create the future you envision. Nutrition Assessment to find out  how your current diet and habits are impacting your health and wellness.

My work is also about dreams; the dreams that disturb you and the dreams that inspire you!

Together we explore the dreams you have during the night; the daydreams you have as you let your imagination take flight; the dream you had long ago about how you wanted your life to unfold. Your nightly Dreams provide resources, a unique perspective, and guidance that you cannot get from any other source.  

My multi-faceted approach to Counseling will help you achieve more inner harmony by letting go of the things that sabotage you and result in displeasure, and instead doing the things, developing the skills, expressing the talents and gifts, and utilizing the mind-set that will lead to a more pleasurable and successful life. 

I also use my two self-help books in my counseling work, Love & be Loved: 8 Steps to Creating Intimacy & Finding the Love You Want; Returning to the Land of Oz: Finding Hope, Love, & Courage on Your Yellow Brick Road.

You can choose to work with me by phone in the comfort and convenience of your home or meet with me in my office. 

I work with individuals, couples, and groups. My fees are reasonable. The 1st session is one hour long and there is no charge for the first 30 minutes as we explore and clarify why you are seeking counseling and what your goals are.


"John is by far one of the most gifted instructors and counselors that I know. I've taken four Creative Applications of Imagery workshops from him in Victoria, Nelson, and Vancouver, BC, have had numerous counseling sessions with him, and have recommended him to countless people.” Irene Mock, CHT, Nelson, Canada


“Dr.Tamiazzo's self-hypnosis class through Santa Barbara City College helped me tremendously with my depression, pain, and physical illnesses. I believe everyone will benefit from his amazing work.” Virginia Martin, Santa Barbara, CA

“Dr. Tamiazzo’s work had an amazing impact on my self-esteem and self-confidence, and greatly improved my level of trust in myself and my ability to think positively again.”     Lizbeth Flores, Vancouver, Canada 


“Thank you for keeping me on my spiritual path and for helping me to be true to myself.” Akasha, Sedona, AZ                            805-591-0822

Returning to the Land of OZ is a book written by John Tamaizzo, PhD about the film and the book

Returning to the Land of OZ is a book written by John Tamaizzo, PhD about the film and the book