Peak Performance Non-Profit Consulting

Peak Performance Non-Profit Consulting • Confidential Job Survey and Questionnaire


John A. Tamiazzo, PhD


Does your non-profit agency have a strong and growing donor base? 

Is your funding increasing and expanding?

Is your business running as efficiently as it could? 

Do your employees feel safe in the workplace and trust one another?

As an ED or  CEO, do you create safety and trust in the workplace?

Are your employees proud to work for your agency? 

Do they bring their best skills and abilities to work day after day? 

Dr. John Tamiazzo’s professional background includes positions as Program Director for three Community Mental Health and research centers in Southern California, and Executive Director for two Traumatic Head and Brain Injury facilities in Santa Barbara and Ventura, CA 

1997-2017, John was the Executive Director for 5 non-profit agencies: Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, CA., Jodi House Brain Injury Center in Santa Barbara, Ventura Brain Injury Support Group, Sedona Community Center, and the Sonoma Community Center. John's background in team building, small business consulting and non-profit consulting were great assets to the success of these non-profit organizations.


Dr. Tamiazzo was Consultant and Lead Trainer for both staff and management at AVCO Financial Services in Irvine, CA. During a 3-year period, John worked with over 500 employees. His 26-Question Survey and customized workshops, resulted in improving communication, inspiring creativity, increasing productivity, and dramatically reducing stress in the workplace. 

"Our company, Brain Injury Support Group of Ventura County, thrived under the leadership of John. He always helped us find creative solutions to very complex problems and situations. He is a very talented man. " Bill Yarnall, former West Coast CEO of the Scott Paper Company and Georgia Pacific, and Board President of the Ventura Brain Injury Support Group.


“Combining excellent non-profit management skills with expertise in organizational psychology, John Tamiazzo has a proven track record of knowing how to develop, grow, and sustain organizations. Always focused on actualizing the mission, John effectively enlists donors, board members, staff, volunteers, social and government agencies, and the community at large in support of the organization's direction. His ability to think strategically while also addressing the myriad details involved in non-profit management allows him a strong perspective from which to identify opportunities, remedy problems, and successfully envision the future.” 

Judy Talley, MS Former Board President, Sedona Community Center 

If you didn't answer YES to all of the above 7 questions, send John an email