John A. Tamiazzo, PhD

John A. Tamiazzo, PhD is a renowned expert in the field of Transpersonal Psychology


Healing is about getting better, much, much better as you let go of everything that prevents you from knowing and expressing who you are; letting go of the thoughts, the expectations, the beliefs, the mind chatter, the inner voices that prevent you from expressing your full and vibrant potential!

Based in the amazing city of Sedona, AZ, John Tamiazzo PhD is a renowned expert in the field of Transpersonal Psychology that explores the spiritual and transcendent realms of human experience.

Through his solution focused counseling for greater health and wellness, non-profit consulting, speaking engagements, books, articles, workshops, and relationship workshops. John has helped thousands of individuals improve the quality of their lives with his invaluable insights and methods for living an extraordinary life. His work address: the healing power of the mind and imagination, altering perceptions & changing beliefs, the transforming power of letting go and releasing the past, love and intimacy, and the psychology and physiology of optimal health and wellness.

In graduate school, John had the good fortune of studying with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, MD, who specialized in loss and grief and inspired the hospice movement in America. As a result, John helps his clients in this very sensitive and compassionate work.

His distinguished professional background includes positions as Program Director for three Community Mental Health and Research Centers: Calabasas Neuropsychiatric Institute, Woodview Calabasas Psychiatric Hospital, and Camarillo State Hospital in southern California and Executive Director for two Traumatic Head and Brain Injury Facilities in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California.

He was a long-time instructor with the University of California Santa Barbara Counseling Certification Program, and Santa Barbara City College’s Community Education Program, with over 10,000 students attending his psychology, pain management, alternative medicine, health, wellness, love, intimacy, & relationship classes. 

Hundreds of professionals including physicians, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and other health and mental health professionals have studied with John, and attended his dynamic workshops and presentations.

John has presented his transformative work at colleges, universities, institutes, corporations, businesses, social services agencies, medical clinics, professional conferences, and spiritual centers in the USA, Scandinavia, and Canada. 

He is the author of two self-help books: Love & be Loved: 8 Steps to Creating Intimacy & Finding the Love You Want; Returning to the Land of Oz: Finding Hope, Love, & Courage on Your Yellow Brick Road.

His repertory of presentations and workshops include:

 Using the Mind & Imagination in the Process of Healing 

The Psychology and Physiology of Positive Aging

Love & be Loved: 8 Steps to Creating Intimacy & Finding the Love You Want

The Seven Sacred Pathways

Returning to the Land of Oz: 9 Extraordinary Insights from the Yellow Brick Road. 

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